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Gideon Shalwick loves helping entrepreneurs get their message out to large global audiences using the power of video. His company, Splasheo,  makes it easy to create super engaging videos ready for social media domination.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Why he thought his brother would become the entrepreneur in the family  [3:01]
  • How the education system affected his mindset about work and business  [4:22]
  • His journey in starting his first business  [8:00]
  • Writing his first e-book   [9:45]
  • Challenges before making  his business profitable  [11:10]
  • Going from  business with $0 profit to $20,000 a month with his company Become A blogger  [13:19]
  • Realizations that helped him create a successful business   [15:02]
  • Building his company – Rapid Video Blogging – and how the birth of his first child gave him an idea to start Splasheo  [17:10]
  • How creating Splasheo gave him the idea to create another business  [19:34]
  • Coming back to Splasheo after focusing on a different business [21:20]
  • What does Splasheo do [22:53]
  • Video content that work really well  [25:55]
  • How captions makes a big difference in video content [27:57]
  • Tips and tricks on how to use  keywords to get more views on a YouTube video [33:54]
  • Best ways to get in touch with Gideon [37:20]

Quotable Quotes

  • I brought the value and he (business partner) leveraged the value. Those two things worked together really, really well.
  • Once you know what those things are that they’re (audience) really interested in watching, you can create content that responds to that.
  • When people read the words on the screen, it engages them, it pulls them in.
  • When people are reading, it’s not the texts that they see, but when they read the words that creates a virtual experience for them inside their heads.
  • When you add the captions you’re actually creating a little movie inside people’s heads. Which adds more richness to the video.

Links to sources and tools

  • Go to https://www.splasheo.com/  to learn more about their captioning services and get more engagements for your videos. They are running a promotion where you get your first four videos done for free, grab it while you still can!
  • Follow Gideon on all his social media accounts and subscribe to his YouTube channel:

Facebook page

Splasheo FB page

Personal Linkedin


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