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In this noisy digital world, you can’t break through the noise, you just add to it. Instead, you need to get in on the conversation where your ideal customers are already listening. As a Navy veteran who ran nuclear power plants, and an inbound marketing engineer, Tom Schwab has a refreshingly unique approach. He focuses on time-proven strategy, then supercharges it with today’s technology and podcast interview marketing. An author, speaker, and teacher, Tom helps you get more traffic, leads, and raving customer fans by being interviewed on targeted podcasts.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Being entrepreneurial  at a young age and being called a fool by his father  [1:50]
  • Where he got his entrepreneurial spirit  [4:09]
  • What working in the Navy has taught him  [6:01]
  • Creating reproducible systems and processes  [8:43]
  • Systems to use to store company processes  [10:41]
  • How podcast interviews help you grow your brand  [12:08]
  • Advantages of having a remote team  [14:10]
  • Qualifications to talk/be a guest at a podcast  [16:37]
  • Benefits of hosting a podcast vs being a podcast guest  [19:36]
  • How podcasts built trust with your audience and convert better than a blog [21:52]
  • The kinds of reactions podcast  listeners have  [24:31]
  • Types of people that could benefit from InterviewValet’s services [25:19]
  • Repurposing podcasts [26:51]
  • How to get in touch with Tom  [29:07]

Quotable Quotes

  • Podcasts are great at building relationships, not just doing transactions.
  • I was made as an entrepreneur, but I didn’t grow up in an entrepreneurial household.
  • If I wanted something, I had to get it for myself.
  • Because if the system could only be done by PHds there’s not enough PHds to run all the navy ships out there.  It really taught me that anything can be taught, it can be systematized, it can be done reproducibly and safely.
  • When companies say it’s complicated, chances are they don’t understand it well enough or  they haven’t thought about it well enough.
  • With your current product or service, there are thousands or millions of people that you could serve that would be thrilled to give you money for it. The only problem is they don’t know you exist.
  • To be a host is a great way to nurture your current audience, to nurture your current leads. To be a guest is a great way to get out there and get new exposure, to get new followers, to get new leads.
  • Exposure brings opportunity.

Links to sources and tools

  • Go to https://interviewvalet.com/ to schedule an assessment to find out if you could grow your brand & your business with targeted podcast interviews. You can also get links to Tom’s social media accounts to follow. 

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