Cracking the Code of Launching a Product: What Makes an Idea Amazing with Ash Maurya

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Hey, everyone! Today’s guest is Ash Maurya, who has a long history in the startup world, he’s actually created a product called Leanstack, which helps people who are interested in building products, build them more successfully. And allows them to gain traction much more quickly than you would normally be able to accomplish for those types of things. 

Normally when most people launch a product, they sort of go out and test this and test that and try that. You’re going to run into stumbling blocks and roadblocks all along the way. What Ash has basically done is compiled the learnings that he’s had in more than a decade of launching different products into a process that allows people to tenX their traction in 12 months, and validate and scale their ideas very quickly. 

So, if you’re someone who’s looking for a process, a step by step system, that takes your idea and validates it and then allows you to shortcut a lot of the shortcomings and the roadblocks that you normally have, you may want to check out his products and listen to this podcast episode to be able to learn a little bit more from Ash’s experience. And with that we will get on with the show.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Entrepreneurial interests as a kid  [3:00]
  • Entrepreneurs that  inspired him  [4:16]
  • How he learned programming [5:04]
  • Joining a startup vs creating a startup  [6:17]
  • Failure of a startup due to not getting product-market fit  [8:03]
  • Starting a company after 9/11  [9:18]
  • Mistake entrepreneurs/innovators make regarding sharing of ideas  [11:27]
  • Cracking the process of launching a product: what makes an idea amazing and creating a product from that  [13:05]
  • How a side project lead to the creation of Leanstack  [15:30]
  • Building a product that people don’t want and why this happens  [17:38]
  • Triggering events for entrepreneurship  [19:49]
  • Businesses that will benefit from Leanstack  [21:50]
  • Stages of establishing a startup  [23:41]
  • What does success look like  [25:39]
  • What’s next for Leanstack?  [28:47]
  • How to learn more about Ash and Leanstack [30:01]

Quotable Quotes

  • Love the problem, not the solution. 
  • When you try to market to everyone, you sell to no one.

Links to sources and tools

  • Follow Ash and Leanstack on social media:

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