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Terence McCarron is the CEO & Founder of OpinionRoute LLC, a technology and services company that provides accurate data from real people to inform marketing decisions.  Originally from the East Coast, Terence relocated his family of 6 to Cleveland in order to start OpinionRoute in 2013. Listen to this episode to learn how networking helps in growing your business.

In this episode we discuss:

  • How his family influenced his interest in business  [3:03]
  • Roots in entrepreneurship as a child  [5:12]
  • What pushed him to start OpinionRoute  [6:37]
  • Businesses that would benefit from using OpinionRoute  [8:28]
  • Technology used in running their business  [9:22]
  • What made him move to Cleveland  [11:46]
  • Terence’s experience in building a business in Cleveland  [13:45]
  • Major initiatives for the future  [16:19]
  • How networking helped him in growing his business especially in a black swan event  [18:11]
  • Reach out to Terence and OpinionRoute  [20:24]

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