Content Strategy: How to Grow a Following and Convert Followers to Customers with Trevor Oldham

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This episode’s guest is Trevor Oldham. Trevor  is a serial entrepreneur whose latest company Podcasting You works with successful individuals to get them booked on podcasts.  Listen to this episode to learn how improve your content strategy and to grow a following and convert followers to customers

In this episode we discuss:

  • His parents influence on him as an entrepreneur  [2:05]
  • Entrepreneurial endeavors when he was young  [3:34]
  • Creating a business in college  [5:06]
  • How he grew his business’ instagram following to 600k in a year  [6:40]
  • Benefits of putting out informative content  instead of shareable content  [8:14]
  • How he started Podcasting You  [9:18]
  • Delegating tasks to free up more time to grow his business [10:26]
  • Using UpWork to look for remote workers  [12:03]
  • Project management tools  [14:08]
  • Benefits of podcasts [15:39]
  • Future goals for his business [16:43]
  • Clients they serve [18:04]
  • How to learn more about Podcasting You [18:53]

Quotable Quotes

  • You can have 500k,600k even a million followers but at the end of the day it doesn’t really  matter if no one’s going to purchase your product or service.
  • The biggest benefits of being a guest or having your own podcast is being able to network with the guests on your show or being able to network with hosts if you’re a guest. 

Links to sources and tools

  • Contact Trevor at if you have any questions regarding entrepreneurship or if you want to add podcasting to your content strategy

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