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In this Episode, I interview Bill Baker. Bill Baker is an Architect and Principal at MSA Design – a national architecture, interiors, and graphic design firm headquartered in Downtown Cincinnati. One of his key professional passions is MSA Sport, the athletic design practice of the firm and a “Top Twenty” Sports Architecture firm in the United States.  

Bill has over two decades of experience on the design of indoor and outdoor athletic venues for colleges, cities, high schools, and professional teams.  He led the MSA Sport team on the recently completed FC Cincinnati Mercy Health Training Center – hailed as the “premier soccer training complex in North America.”   Bill is currently working on sports projects at several NCAA Division 1 institutions including The Ohio State University, Miami University, and the University of Cincinnati.  

Bill is a proud husband, father of 3, 10-year cancer survivor, and is passionate about the ability of architects to leave a legacy on the communities they serve. 

In this episode we discuss:

  • How his interest in architecture started  [4:16]
  • Problem solving in architecture [9:22]
  • Process in providing design solutions to clients  [14:55]
  • Aligning the team to client personalities  [19:46]
  • Favorite design projects  [25:32]
  • Goals for MSA design  [33:52]
  • How to get in touch with Bill and MSA design  [36:18]

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