Securing Your Company’s Critical Data from Cyber Attacks with Dr. Eric Cole

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Securing Your Company’s Critical Data from Cyber Attacks with Dr. Eric Cole
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In this episode I interview Dr. Eric Cole, who is the CEO and founder of Secure Anchor Consulting. Secure Anchor Consulting is a global leader in information security services for Fortune 500 companies, financial institutions, international organizations and the federal government.

Eric started with the CIA as an intern and progressed to roles as a Program Manager and Technical Director with the Internet Program Team, which specializes in rapid development and exploitation of the latest internet technologies. The team designs, develops, tests, and deploys products in three to six month intervals. This experience has solidified his  desire to use technology in support of the country, and to protect both public and private resources from cyber adversaries.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Helping out his dad at the garden center  [4:05]
  • Hustling when he was younger  [5:01]
  • An opportunity that he regretted accepting  [6:30]
  • Lessons from being a professional hacker for the CIA  [8:16]
  • Making cyberspace safe with his business Secure Anchor Consulting   [10:02]
  • Tips on explaining complex topics  [12:22]
  • How he applied Blue ocean strategy to his business  [15:04]
  • Plans on growing and expanding his business  [17:57]
  • Creating metric, systems and processes  [20:02]
  • Companies that are at risk for cyber attacks  [23:10]
  • The questions you need to ask to find out if you need to secure your website  [24:51]
  • How to find out how often you’re data gets attacked  [27:20]
  • What happens when you get hacked  [29:02]
  • Mac vs Windows, which is more prone to cyber attacks?  [30:43]
  • How to know more about cyber security  [33:31]

Quotable Quotes

  • If you’re not willing to live your dreams, somebody will pay you to build theirs.
  • You can ask the same person 3 different ways. One way they’re super excited and they’re gonna  do an amazing job. The second way they’ll do the job but they’re going to be angry and mad. The third way is they’ll do a crappy job. And it’s all in how you ask them.
  • If you want to be a good teacher, know your technology really well or be entertaining.  But if you want to be an amazing teacher, do both.
  • Smart people know the right answer and brilliant people ask the right questions. So, I would say ask questions. Some of the questions you want to ask are: what is our critical data? Where is that critical data located? What would be considered a really bad day if we got hacked? How many times do we get attacked a day?

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