Having a Customer Centric Culture in Your Business with John Vuong

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Having a Customer-Centric Culture in Your Business with John Vuong
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This episode’s guest is John Vuong. John is the owner and founder of Local SEO Search. He helps small and medium-sized businesses rank on Google and dominate their local market. John puts a strong emphasis on relationships and treats his client’s like family, wanting to not only help them rank but to help their business grow and succeed. We talk about having a customer centric culture in business and how this is the key to his success.

In this episode we discuss:

  • How his family sold their business for gold to leave Vietnam during the Vietnam war [3:33]
  • Helping out his family financially when he was young and working through college  [4:29]
  • Career after graduating college that built a foundation for the type of business he’ll be going into  [7:07]
  • Challenges in starting an SEO company without a technical background  [10:25]
  • How technology changed the way people do business and adapting to these changes. Having a customer centric culture in his business  [12:01]
  • People’s misconceptions about SEO  [14:38]
  • How long does it take to see results from SEO  [17:07]
  • Digital marketing tips  [18:41]
  • The best content to market  your business  [20:37]
  • How to learn more about Local SEO Search  [22:45]

Quotable Quotes

  • They think “Being on that first page is going to make a huge difference in my business”. But in reality even if you rank well and you run a really poor company, that’s not gonna help you in any way. I would say do the opposite, take care of your customers, make sure you have a really solid foundation as a business. And then when you’re ready look at SEO to compliment what you have so that you can then fill that lead funnel of your ideal customers that you’ve distinguished over the years.
  • With SEO, it is a long term strategy. It’s not going to be fast, easy, you do one tweak on your site and expect immense results. It’s continuously updating and positioning yourself as the expert.  

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