Raising Equity for Real Estate Deals with Matt Burk

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Raising Equity for Real Estate Deals with Matt Burk
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This episode’s guest is Matt Burk, the  CEO/Founder of Fairway America.  He is also the author of Capital Attraction, the Small Balance Real Estate Entrepreneurs Essential Guide to Raising Capital. Fairway America helps investors in raising equity for real estate deals.

Through pooled investment funds, JV or co-GP arrangements, and/or individual syndications, Fairway originates and aggregates product to make middle market real estate asset based investments available to a full spectrum of investors (including domestic and foreign retail high net worth, family office, and institutional investors) who may otherwise have difficulty accessing this highly fragmented middle market space.

In this episode we discuss:

  • The catalyst that started Matt’s first business  [5:15]
  • What Fairway does in the real estate space   [7:18]
  • Who are their clients  [08:37]
  • Types of structures Fairway America uses in raising equity for a real estate deal [10:19]
  • Misconceptions about investment funds [11:29]
  • Minimum and maximum size of deals Fairway accepts  [17:26]
  • Matt talks about Verivest  [18:38]
  • Stage of a real estate deal when you should contact Fairway America to help with the deal [21:35]
  • The real estate market during a black swan event [23:25]
  • Opportunities that arise from COVID-19 [27:25]
  • Matt talks about his book Capital Attraction and who could benefit from reading it [29:11]
  • How to contact Matt and Fairway America [30:57]

Quotable Quotes

Real estate is not a single market. It is a collection of a great deal of micro markets. There are different geographic regions, different sizes, different categories/sub-categories of assets.

Matt Burk

Links to sources and tools

  • Contact Kellen Stevens at kellen.stevens@fairwayamerica.com if you have questions regarding Fairway America and their services.

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