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This episode’s guest is Mark Anderson. Mark is a pop artist that balances real estate investing, the corporate world, entrepreneurship, and the independent music industry. We learn how to start in real estate investing and some of the challenges he had along the way.

In this episode we discuss:

  • His first entrepreneurial endeavors as a kid  [3:27]
  • Businesses after college and learning from starting his first business  [4:44]
  • Pursuing music  [6:02]
  • How he makes money from his music [7:13]
  • How he got started in investing in real estate  [8:53]
  • Challenges in real estate investing [10:15]
  • Getting a loan for real estate investments  [11:25]
  • How he found his first investment property [12:50]
  • How Mark evaluates a property before investing [13:34]
  • Putting together a team for property renovations/repairs  [16:38]
  • Tips for new real estate investors  [17:54]
  • How to contact Mark [18:58]

Quotable Quotes

  • Do the due diligence and not just pick the first tenant that you see.
  • Don’t over leverage yourself. If your down payment for your property is $20,000, don’t come to the table with just $20,000. You need to have some sort of buffer to allow yourself to make mistakes.

Links to sources and tools

  • Follow Mark on all his social media


Spotify, Instagram, Twitter, Apple Music: @luvabstract

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