How to Create Your Startup Pitch Deck with Cy Megnin

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Up next on Pass the Secret Sauce: we have Cy Megnin, who is the Entrepreneur in Residence of Elevate Ventures. If you are a startup and you’re looking to bring in investors, one of the important things you can do to introduce your company to investors is work on your  pitch deck. Cy and I dive deep into the ins and outs of creating a startup pitch deck, what’s important in that pitch deck, what are the common mistakes people make when creating their pitch deck.

At Elevate Ventures they also have an angel investment fund and Cy also does angel investing himself. So, this information is coming directly from someone who not only has a business that revolves around angel investing and generating interest in companies they represent, but they also personally invest their own capital into early stage companies.

If you are starting a company and you’re looking for investment, this episode is going to be one you want to listen to.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Being entrepreneurial at a young age  [4:15]
  • Creating a GPS enabled timesheet app in the era of flip phones  [7:02]
  • Helping entrepreneurs start their business [10:22]
  • What does an Entrepreneur in Residence do for companies  [11:48]
  • Common mistakes startups make when pitching to investors  [14:06]
  • Advice for entrepreneurs looking for investments for their startup  [15:19]
  • How to create a startup pitch deck   [21:01]
  • Pitching to the right investors for your startup business  [25:07]
  • Reasons to start business in the midwest  [27:30]
  • Best ways to learn more about Elevate Ventures [29:00]

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