Creating a Clothing Brand For Men that Inspires with Kris Lovin

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This episode’s guest is Kris Lovin. Kris created a clothing brand for men called 1OH1 Exclusive, where they only manufacture 101 pieces of each clothing they design. At 1OH1 Exclusive, their mission is to create clothing that inspires men to be their best. 

Kris also went through a dark time in his past, and we go into that and how he overcame this hardship.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Being entrepreneurial from the age of five  [4:22]
  • Key things business owners should be doing to set their business up for success  [9:12]
  • Kris talks about overcoming addiction and being borderline suicidal and how the hardships inspired him to start his clothing brand for men  [12:38]
  • Having self-destructive thoughts and how this affected reaching his goals  [17:12]
  • Things that helped him overcome his struggles  [18:23]
  • Meaning behind the 1OH1 brand and why they only make 101 of each shirt design  [20:46]
  • Sourcing materials and manufacturing products  [24:40]
  • Challenges in starting a textile brand  [25:45]
  • Creating clothing that inspire men to be a better men [29:23]

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