Multifamily Real Estate Investing in Cincinnati with JJ Harrison

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Multifamily Real Estate Investing in Cincinnati with JJ Harrison
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This episode’s guest is JJ Harrison. The off market apartment complex king in and around Cincinnati, OH.  He has an off market newsletter that I am subscribed to. We get into how he got into multifamily real estate and how he built an extensive mailing list to offer off market multifamily apartment buildings to. 

In this episode we discuss:

  • Why he started a real estate company  [3:53]
  • Getting a brokers license  [6:22]
  • His secret sauce in growing his real estate network  [8:03]
  • His process of reaching out to multifamily real estate buyers/sellers [10:13]
  • Email marketing and social media marketing for properties  [12:53]
  • Mistakes investors make when contacting brokers [15:15]
  • Why you should invest in multifamily real estate in Cincinnati  [18:32]
  • Tips for growing your network  [20:34]
  • Impacts of COVID19 in real estate transactions  [21:50]
  • Best ways to contact JJ Harrison [26:11]

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