Supporting the Future with Venture Capital Investments with Carter Williams

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Supporting the Future with Venture Capital Investments with Carter Williams
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Today on the Pass the Secret Sauce podcast we have Carter Williams, CEO of iSelect Fund. Carter has a unique perspective on the fundraising efforts today. According to their research, there are about  $60T funds that are sitting in people’s bank accounts right now that are not producing any income. Carter wants to be able to help connect the high net worth individuals, in a unique way, with startups that are looking for the funding to help push humanity forward.

We have a good conversation about their efforts in connecting the high net worth individuals with startups and how venture capital investments help push innovations and progress. Listen to our conversation.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Learning problem solving in business from his father from age 4 and how this helped him later on  [2:55]
  • Entrepreneurial endeavors in his early years and interests in engineering and tech early on  [5:30]
  • Career path that led him to the fundraising space  [7:16]
  • Companies that they focus on for venture capital investment  [9:38]
  • How venture capitalists make investment choices  [11:00]
  • What every startup needs  [14:23]
  • At what stage of the startup do they start to consider investing  [16:11]
  • The gap between high networth individuals and investing in startups, and how iSelect Fund is bridging that gap  [17:44]
  •  How to invest in a venture capital fund [21:40]
  • How to succeed in venture capital investments [22:47]
  • Collaborations between investors and entrepreneurs [25:47]
  • Best ways to contact Carter Williams [27:02]

Quotable Quotes

When you look at the analysis of who wins in the venture business there’s a lot of data that says (they are people who): do a lot of diligence, look at a lot of the deals, invest in a few and diversify, invest in 25 or more.

The people that make the economy better, are frankly, entrepreneurs and innovators who look at a problem and say “I got a better way to do it”. 

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