How to Automate Your Affiliate Marketing Program and Online Business with Mark Thompson

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How to Automate Your Affiliate Marketing Program and Online Business with Mark Thompson
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Mark is the co-founder of PayKickstart, a leading billing and affiliate management platform, helping Entrepreneurs and online businesses remove the technical hurdles related to accepting payment, managing recurring revenue, affiliate partners and retaining more customers.

Listen as we discuss how they built this platform and how it can help automate online businesses and affiliate marketing programs.

In this episode we discuss:

Being an entrepreneur before he knew he was and entrepreneur [4:02] His introduction to digital marketing [5:15] Removing technical hurdles with running a business online and automating affiliate marketing program with his company – PayKickstart [7:56] How solving their own problems led to launching PayKickstart [9:35] How they got their first 300 customers and leveraged their affiliates to grow their business [11:40] Hiring virtual teams [15:32] Mistakes they made when they were starting out [18:04] Who would benefit from using their platform [20:05] How PayKickstart can help with paid membership sites [21:53] Not spreading themselves too thin [22:44] How to learn more about their platform [23:59]

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