Using Owner Financing to Grow Your Real Estate Portfolio with Gabriel Hamel

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Using Owner Financing to Grow Your Real Estate Portfolio with Gabriel Hamel
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Welcome back to the Pass the Secret Sauce podcast. This episode’s guest is Gabriel Hamel, a real estate investor who is passionate about real estate business and financial freedom. He has amassed a multi-million dollar real estate portfolio that consists of single and multi family homes, commercial real estate, and even some mobile home parks.

We get into how he started in real estate, his inspiration for starting it, using owner financing to buy real estate and how he went from not having any money to growing his real estate business.

In this episode we discuss:

  • What inspired him to start investing in real estate [4:51]
  • How he found and financed his first deal [7:35]
  • Using owner financing to buy real estate properties [11:21]
  • How he finds owner financed deals [13:31]
  • How to negotiate the terms for seller financing [15:33]
  • Mistakes people make when starting investing in real estate [18:08]
  • The big picture [20:53]
  • Finding a good property manager [22:58]
  • How he analyzes deals [25:01]
  • Areas he invests in and why [27:50]

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