Beyond Profit: Making a Difference with Your Business with Erik Bergman

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Beyond Profit: Making a Difference with Your Business with Erik Bergman
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This episode’s guest is Erik Bergman, founder of is a next generation charity. A company focused on making as much money as possible – only to give it all away. Where people can utilize their passions and greatest skills and combine that with the purpose of helping the world. 

Erik has a lofty goal for his company. He wants to be able to donate a hundred percent of’s profits to climate change initiatives. The reason behind this goal is incredibly interesting. If you have a desire to make a difference, create a business that is bigger than yourself, you need to listen to Erik.  Learn about the trial and tribulations that he went through to grow his first company to a $200m valuation and the challenges they have today to achieve their goal of making an impact on the environment.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Being entrepreneurial at a young age  [5:55]
  • Failed businesses and his first successful business [7:36]
  • What made him a good poker player  [10:02]
  • Challenges in starting and growing his online gambling marketing business and almost going bankrupt  [11:19]
  • How investors found their business and how they inspired them to improve their company  [14:51]
  • Selling his business and earning millions at 28  [17:18]
  • What prompted him to start [18:11]
  • His goal for and how he plans to achieve it  [22:33]
  • Challenges he is facing right now with [26:26]
  • Erik’s criteria for finding charities to donate to [29:38]
  • How to learn more about Erik and [35:19]

Links to sources and tools

  • Interested in learning more about and the literal and sometimes spiritual journey to becoming the world’s most innovative and controversial charitable organization? Listen to their podcast – Becoming Great and visit their website
  • Connect with Erik through these social media platforms:
  • Listen to more episodes here
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