Is it Time to Change Your Business Processes and Systems? with Lisa Levy

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Is it Time to Change Your Business Processes and Systems? with Lisa Levy
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Today on Pass the Secret Sauce, we have Lisa Levy. Lisa is the founder of Lcubed Consulting. A company that helps entrepreneurs “future-proof” their business operations by building an adaptive culture and structure. In a single sentence, their mission is to elevate organizations to quickly adapt and transform, achieving strategic goals while maximizing progress, productivity and profitability. 

Lisa does an amazing job at breaking down the techniques and strategies you can use to move your company in a new direction and overcome resistance from your employees when employing new processes. If you are in this situation, Lisa’s advice on this podcast will be valuable to you.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Wanting to avoid being an entrepreneur as a kid  [5:45]
  • What changed her mind regarding entrepreneurship [6:45]
  • Her transition from working in the corporate world to starting her business  [9:33]
  • Company structures that would benefit from adaptive transformation  [13:22]
  • Facilitation, taking information, helping build processes virtually [14:29]
  • Signs that your business needs to change your business processes [16:14]
  • How Lcubed analyzes business processes and systems and define the changes that need to be done  [20:01]
  • Importance of the active participation of employees in the success of implementing new systems and processes in a company  [22:45]
  • How do you keep the people engaged during a system change  [26:30]
  • Best ways to learn more about Lcubed [28:01]

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