Game Changing Technology for Business with Tom Coffing

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Game Changing Technology for Business with Tom Coffing
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Welcome back to the Pass the Secret Sauce Podcast. In this episode we have Tom Coffing. Tom Coffing, better known as Tera-Tom, is the founder of Coffing Data Warehousing where he has been CEO for the past 20 years. He has written over 50 books on all aspects of Teradata, Netezza, Kognitio, Redshift, ParAccel, Vertica, SQL Server, and Greenplum. Tom has taught over 1,000 Teradata classes in places such as India, Africa, Europe, China, Malaysia, and throughout North America.

Tom is also the owner and designer of the Nexus Query Chameleon, the most sophisticated enterprise query tool in the industry. The Nexus works on all platforms, including Hadoop, converts table structures between all systems, and allows companies to load their ERwin logical model inside Nexus. The Nexus guides users like a GPS system. Users point and click on any table or view from any system, and they are guided to what joins to what. As users choose the columns they want on their report, the SQL is built automatically.

In this episode we discuss:

  • The hidden blessing in being laid off [4:47]
  • How he started his tech consulting business [6:11]
  • His multiple streams of income [7:32]
  • How Tom juggles being in different businesses [9:18]
  • Programming languages that Tom is dabbling in and how he learns them at present [11:03]
  • Why entrepreneurs should learn and understand the technology they use in their business [14:12]
  • Tom’s courses that are essential to tech entrepreneurs [15:50]
  • Learning public speaking by listening and learning from others [17:03]
  • Predicting the future in business and a new software they are launching with Yellowbrick after 15 years of working on it [18:55]
  • Big name companies that will be using Tom’s revolutionary software and its applications [22:40]
  • A technology for business that you must have to move and access data [27:33]
  • How to learn about Tom and their company’s services [29:53]

Quotable Quotes

  • The key to my success has always been to seek out others and listen, listen, listen!
  • Visit to learn more about the Nexus Product Line and how they could benefit your business
  • Connect with Tom Coffing on LinkedIn to stay updated on his latest projects
  • Interested in more tech focused episodes? Listen to more episodes here

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