Starting a Manufacturing Business in the US with Greg Knox

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Starting a Manufacturing Business in the US with Greg Knox
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On today’s episode of Pass the Secret Sauce we have Greg Knox, CEO of Knox Machinery. If you spent any time trying to manufacture something or you have your own manufacturing company, you know how complicated it can be. In traditional PTSS style, we get into Greg’s history and how got to be where he is today, and that is running a very successful manufacturing facility. Greg sits on a number of advisory boards for the manufacturing industry and is a huge proponent of manufacturing in the US. 

If you’re in the manufacturing industry or interested in learning more about the business,  don’t miss this episode.

In this episode we discuss:

  • How he got interested in entrepreneurship  and how he started [3:08]
  • What drew Greg to the manufacturing business  [8:48]
  • How he learned the strategy of running a successful manufacturing business and teaching others these strategies [12:31]
  • Advice for new entrepreneurs on how to build a book of business [19:36]
  • Importance of building relationships with customers and suppliers [25:27]
  • Best ways to get in touch with Greg and learn more about Knox Machinery  [31:53]

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