Creating 31 Startup Companies in 31 Days with Mark Grimes

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Creating 31 Startup Companies in 31 Days with Mark Grimes
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Today’s guest is Mark Grimes, founder of 31 Startups. Mark set a goal to launch 31 businesses in 31 days. He also set the goal of being cashflow positive in as many of those businesses as possible. He accomplished both goals and he tells us how in this interview. Every company Mark has founded since 1989 has been cashflow positive in 90 days or less. Biggest one and online advertising agency with a full time staff of 40, annual revenue of 7.1 million at the high point, and offices in Portland, San Francisco, and New York

If you’re still on the fence on creating your own startup company, listen to this episode.

In this episode we discuss:

  • The story of the first company Mark started [5:16]
  • Mark’s secret sauce to having a cash flow positive business [6:58]
  • How he markets his products before launch and improve the product in the process [8:55]
  • How he started 31 startup companies in 31 days [10:33]
  • What motivated him to keep going to reach his goal of starting 31 businesses [14:29]
  • Types of businesses Mark started during the 31 day challenge [16:37]
  • Why do startups fail? [20:03]
  • How he decides which business ideas to focus on [24:52]
  • How much money does Mark invest per company he started [31:11]

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