Growing a Purpose Driven Company with Eco-friendly Products with Farzan Dehmoubed

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Growing a Purpose Driven Company with Eco-friendly Products with Farzan Dehmoubed
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Welcome back to Pass the Secret Sauce. This episode’s guest is Farzan Dehmoubed. Farzan is Founder and CEO of Lotus Sustainables, an eco-friendly company on a mission to eliminate plastic from shopping. In the last 3 quarters, farzan has expanded from 500 retailers to over 13,000 retailers. As the leading manufacturer of reusable bags, Lotus Sustainables has eliminated the need for over 400 million single-use plastic bags. In 2020 the company ranked 144 on the INC 5000 fastest growing companies in America.

Before inventing the Lotus Trolley Bag with his wife, Farzan was an enthusiastic entrepreneur with a history of starting and operating advertising and real estate companies.

Farzan is currently based in sunny Carlsbad California and has been featured in the LA Times, Entrepreneur Magazine, San Diego Union Tribune, CBS News, Good Morning America and more.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Where he got his drive to become an entrepreneur [4:17]
  • Companies he has started  [5:12]
  • Designing and creating eco-friendly products withmanu Lotus Sustainables [6:37]
  • Challenges in the business  [10:31]
  • Common mistakes people make when selling on Amazon [12:43]
  • Importance of using eco-friendly products in lieu of plastics [16:07]
  • What their products are made out of [18:26]
  • Story behind their company name- Lotus- and what’s next for them  [20:13]
  • How to order your own Lotus trolley bag [21:40]

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