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In this episode of Pass the Secret Sauce we have Dean Brauer. Co-founder and President of gohenry. gohenry has a mission to make the next generation of young people better at managing their money than the last. As the first digital family banking solution, they offer young people aged 6-18 a Mastercard Debit Card and app with unique parental controls. These tools are designed to empower children to develop good money habits while giving parents peace of mind and an easy way to manage pocket money & allowance.

Dean has more than 10 years of consumer marketing experience spanning brand and communications, acquisition & retention, and digital product & service development. He enjoys creating digital solutions that make people’s lives easier and delight them along the way. He loves to help grow businesses and is passionate about the consumer internet space.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Getting confidence to build a business from his network  [5:10]
  • His introduction to work and first forays into entrepreneurship [8:13]
  • How gohenry came about  [14:31]
  • Marketing gohenry, targeting the right audience and creating a demand for the service [20:13]
  • Their processes for scaling the business  [26:29]
  • Maturing as an entrepreneur [30:17]
  • Getting business coaching and mentoring [32:48]
  • How gohenry works and how it helps kids learn how to manage their money better [36:49]

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