How to Get Started in Flipping Houses with Carol and J Scott

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How to Get Started in Real Estate Flipping Houses
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In this episode, we have J Scott and Carol Scott, a husband and wife team that invests in real estate across the country. J Scott (he goes by “J”) is an entrepreneur, investor, advisor and the co-host of The BiggerPockets Business Podcast. He has bought, built, rehabbed, sold, lent-on and held over $70M in property all around the country. J is the author of four books on real estate investing, with sales of over 250,000 copies.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Carol recounts her experience of growing up with nothing and trying to make money at a young age [4:05]
  • Carol talking about calligraphy  [5:15]
  • How Carol and J started in real estate and how they got their first property  [8:08]
  • Their process when renovating a property  [12:08]
  • Why they hired out the renovation work instead of doing it themselves [13:48]
  • How they manage their real estate projects and the systems and tools they used [15:45]
  • How they market and sell their properties [21:50]
  • Advice for people wanting to start in the real estate flipping business [29:40]
  • How they select new areas to invest in and what they do to before investing in the new are [32:44]
  • Their future plans for their business [40:43]
  • How to learn more about J and Carol Scott [42:13]

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