How Overcoming Obstacles in Life and in Business Can Make You Stronger with Jeremy Parker

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How Overcoming Obstacles in Life and in Business Can Make You Stronger with Jeremy Parker
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Today on the Pass the Secret Sauce podcast, we have Jeremy Parker. Jeremy is an award-winning documentary filmmaker and serial entrepreneur. He is the Co-founder and CEO of, the best place for companies to buy quality promotional products that you’ll actually want to keep. They work with 5,000+ companies including Facebook, Google, Amazon, Netflix, Spotify, and Tik Tok. They are #218 on the 2020 Inc 500 (fastest-growing companies in the US). Jeremy was also named by CrainsNY as one of the 40Under40

In this episode we discuss:

  • How overcoming obstacles make someone stronger [2:52]
  • Learning entrepreneurial skills from working at his father’s company [4:28]
  • Becoming an award-winning filmmaker [6:01]
  • Advice for planning out telling a story telling of your product or company [7:56]
  • Businesses he started and what he learned from them [10:13]
  • How they got in touch with celebrities and pitch their business and why universities are harder to get in touch with than celebrities [16:14]
  • Starting and the obstacles they had to overcome to start it [19:59]
  • How he comes up with and visualizes his design ideas [22:38]
  • How helps companies buy and distribute products [23:31]
  • Incredible company growth in a pandemic and how they got to work with companies like Netflix,
    Amazon, Google, TikTok, etc [25:01]
  • How they source and supply products – their process and systems [29:57]
  • Their next project [33:28]

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