Bringing Tech Ideas To Life Through Digital Products with Mike Reynolds

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Bringing Tech Ideas To Life Through Digital Products with Mike Reynolds
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Today’s guest is Mike Reynolds, the CEO and founder of Innovatemap, a digital product agency in Indianapolis. The team helps founders and innovators build the product vision they believe in. In addition to building award-winning digital products, Innovatemap launched the Better Product Community and the Better Product Podcast to create a space for product leaders to connect.

In this episode we discuss:

  • His first exposure in entrepreneurship  [5:10]
  • The turnaround in his professional career  [6:35]
  • Twelve things you need to do to run your own company  [8:12]
  • What is Innovetemap and what types of client they served [10:33]
  • The process of Innovatemap bringing tech ideas into life through digital products [12:46]
  • How do they go about pulling people to potentially use their products [18:00]
  • The common mistakes non-tech people make in launching in digital space [19:36]
  • Innovatemap’s niche industries they help [25:43]
  • Best ways to learn more about Innovatemap [30:30]

Quotable Quotes

  • I find a lot of people want to scratch off the entrepreneurial spirit, wanna run something, very ill-defined, they wanna own it. But maybe the risk of jumping with no net is not for them.  
  • You might be romanced by the idea of having your own company someday, but to do so is not just taking the risk but the grit in resiliency to get your rear end kicked.

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