How to Change your Business and Your Life with Pratiti Pathak

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How to Change your Business and Your Life with Pratiti Pathak
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In this episode of Pass the Secret sauce we have Pratiti Pathak. Pratiti is a Real Estate Professional with Keller Williams, Business Coach and Founder/ Owner of “Results by Design”, a 5-step coaching program that could Change Your Business and Your Life!

Pratiti’s mission is to share “It’s not about the negative experiences that we go through in our lives – It’s what we learn, how we grow and evolve into the best versions of ourselves through those experiences. How learning and growing from our experiences only come from consciously choosing our thoughts to create our emotions from which we take action to create the results we want in our lives.

*We all have a story about our lives that cover all positive and negative experiences that we’ve gone through in our personal lives, in our business and through our relationships. Every action, inaction or re-action we take is to either experience a good feeling or avoid a bad feeling.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Stepping out of her box and being an entrepreneur despite her traditional upbringing [4:49]
  • Clearing emotional block from childhood traumas [11:02]
  • Going against the advice of parents and loved ones regarding starting a career and not starting a business [19:50]
  • Businesses Pratiti started [23:51]
  • Getting a real estate license and starting in the real estate business [27:27]
  • Advice for networking if you are an introvert [29:28]
  • Why you should be mindful of who you spend your time with [32:16]
  • 5-Steps coaching program that could change your business and your life [33:04]
  • Best ways to learn more about Pratiti [38:17]

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