Getting into the FinTech Space with Richard Steggall

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Getting into the FinTech Space with Richard Steggall
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Introducing Richard Stegall in today’s episode, the CEO of  Urban FT, which is recognized as one of the most progressive and successful FinTech companies in the Financial Services industry today. Richard is a results-driven entrepreneur with a record of success and a passion for accelerating and capitalizing on emerging opportunities.

At Urban FT, Richard and team are enabling financial institutions to deliver an exceptional customer experience through the world’s first, and most capable, FinTech Core. Urban FT’s X-35 FinTech Core™ is positioned to clean up this challenging ecosystem and help financial institutions stay on the bleeding-edge of innovations when it comes to providing their end-users with superior Digital Banking Experiences, Money Movement capabilities, Identity Verification and Account Opening options, and Behavioral Insights, all of which enhance overall user engagement.

In this episode we discuss:

  • A brief overview of his childhood and his family [2:33]
  • Discovering his passion for entrepreneurship at an early age [3:28]
  • Being in his first business accidentally [5:40]
  • His academic journey [7:10]
  • Realizations he learned from his failures  [8:45]
  • What is the fintech industry  [12:50]
  • How he got into the fintech industry [16:03]
  • Marketing a fintech business  in New York [17:50]
  • Moving into a white label digital banking platform — the  Urban FT [19:00]
  • The impact of digital currencies in fintech industry [20:00]
  • Urban FT’s specializations [22:01]
  • Approach to building a team, finding the right people, building culture [23:51]
  • Process of hiring people [25:17]
  • How to identify if the person is fit for a specific role [27:20]
  • Best ways to get in touch with Richard’s company [30:55]

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