How to Make Money in Multifamily Investing in Florida with Ken Gee

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How to Make Money in Multifamily Investing in Florida with Ken Gee
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Let’s welcome today’s guest episode, Ken Gee, the Founder and President of the KRI Group of Companies. He has 23 years of significant real estate, banking, private equity transaction and multifamily investing experience. Ken Gee founded The KRI Group of companies in 1997 with the acquisition of a small, twenty-eight units apartment building in Cleveland, Ohio. Since that time, KRI has evolved into a full-service real estate company that specializes in multifamily apartment investment, multifamily apartment syndication and multifamily apartment property management services. As a company, they have owned more than $55 million worth of multifamily properties and their senior management team has managed more than 15,000 apartment units, collectively worth more than $1 billion.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Ken’s early exposure to real estate at age 14 [4:40]
  • His first real estate business in Cleveland [5:55]
  • Leaping down to Florida’s market [7:37]
  • Growing his network of connections [10:40]
  • Comparison between Cleveland’s and Florida’s properties [11:41]
  • His most outstanding renovations [13:05]
  • Challenges he faced on Florida’s market [15:08]
  • Setting up syndication-level funds and its benefits [18:05]
  • Cost and time process in setting up funds [23:57]
  • How the funds work with investors [26:56]
  • The future of multifamily market [29:06]
  • KRI’s gigantic real estate records [33:35]
  • Best ways to connect with Ken Gee [34:25]

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