Learn the Ropes of Acquiring a Business with Jessica Fialkovich

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Learn the Ropes of Acquiring a Business with Jessica Fialkovich
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Today on Pass The Secret Sauce, we have Jessica Fialkovich, whose mission is to help small business owners leave their legacy and sell their businesses successfully, no matter the size. She is a business exit expert, keynote speaker, small business advocate and award-winning business owner. 

Over the past 7 years, Jessica oversaw $250+ million in transactions, worked directly with over 700 business owners, was involved with 300+ deals, and mentored her team to help over 3,000 business owners with guidance about buying and selling businesses. Jessica is currently the President and Co-Owner of Transworld Business Advisors—Rocky Mountain, a business brokerage firm, which achieved #1 status out of 200 global franchises for the last three years. 

In this episode we discuss:

  • What her dinner table with her family looked like  [3:20]
  • Her corporate life; idea of setting up her own business with her husband [5:35]
  • Selling their wine retailing business after 3 years [8:16]
  • Joining business groups, building network in Denver  [9:07]
  • Their strategy of acquiring business  [10:05]
  • Type of help she gives to their clients [12:15]
  • Guidelines of business acquisition, when to get ROI [15:40]
  • Challenges in selling a business [16:30]
  • Financing deals when acquiring a business [18:10] 
  • Range of markets they represent [20:55]
  • Things to do if you want to sell your business [23:28]
  • Resources to check when purchasing a business [25:26]
  • How to connect with Jessica; The Deal Board Podcast [27:31]
  • Different stories of buying and selling a business [28:50]
  • Average age of a business before selling [31:18]

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