Being All-In to Everything You Want to Accomplish with Josh York

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Being All-In to Everything You Want to Accomplish with Josh York
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Up next on Pass the Secret Sauce, we have Josh York who is the founder & CEO of GYMGUYZ, a fast-growing, fitness franchise. GYMGUYZ is #1 in Home PersonBody by Scienceal Training, providing convenient, customized and creative workouts in a setting that works best for each client. Headquartered in Plainview, New York, GYMGUYZ operates over 250 franchised locations in 30 states and 3 countries. 

Also, he is the author of the bestselling book, FUEL – WHAT IT TAKES TO SURVIVE AS AN ENTREPRENEUR, selling 8000 copies in 2 months.

Josh is a very intense person with a very incredible work ethic. His drive and his dedication are certainly something you want to emulate if you’re interested in taking your life to the next level.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Working in his grandfather’s hardware [3:12]
  • How GymGuyz was created [7:47]
  • What his typical day look like [12:31]
  • GymGuyz and its services  [16:40]
  • The strategies of expanding GymGuyz internationally   [18:30]
  • Techniques of networking, building a relationship  [20:30]
  • Making pandemic times to build tough mindset  [22:59]
  • His thoughts on Body by Science [26:05]
  • Future endeavors of GymGuyz [27:40]
  • Best ways to find about GymGuyz [28:50]

Quotable Quotes

  • Being an entrepreneur or just being successful in life, if you don’t have the right mindset, you’re gonna fail because you’re gonna deal with so much rejection and so many problems. And just issue after issue after issue. If you think it’s an amazing journey, it’s not. Should you become a champion, you have to go through it all.
  • Being in business is a game. I look at it as a game. And I have the ability to play tricks with my mind. And I know how to control my mind. And I was the real key to success.

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