Building an Engaging and Value-Driven Company Culture Across Remote Teams with Trent Kocurek

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Building an Engaging and Value-Driven Culture Across Remote Teams with Trent Kocurek
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Today on Pass the Secret Sauce, we have Trent Kocurek who is the Co-founder and CEO of Airship, a software design and development agency in the great city of Birmingham, AL. Trent is a product guy, a big dot connector with a people-first approach who is driven toward business success and people success. 

As CEO and co-founder of Airship, he is able to help companies large and small, see software projects transform from concept to reality. His focus is on building a team of passionate, well-rounded engineers and business people to help Airship expand into new markets in need of quality custom software applications, qualify opportunities for a potential SaaS product, and help their team grow personally and professionally.

Airship’s experience in planning, building, managing, launching, and supporting enterprise software applications over the decades has allowed us to do what we love and give these companies products they can depend on for years to come.

In this episode we discuss:

  • His fascinating childhood life [3:45]
  • Getting entrepreneurial drive from his father [5:17]
  • His first business of fixing computers when he was in high school  [7:30]
  • How Airship started, their passion for solving big problems with technology  [8:25]
  • Their different approaches for their client’s needs  [11:50]
  • Types of industries they worked with  [13:26]
  • Problems they solved with technology  [14:31]
  • Tips on building value-driven company culture across a remote working environment [16:40]
  • How to establish transparency in their remote teams [18:55]
  • A software he created that runs their company culture [20:35]
  • Who are Techy Tom and Dizzy Ben in the technology business [24:52]
  • Core values he established and used in their company [26:55]
  • Projects they will implement [30:10]
  • Processes they do in their projects [32:40]
  • Where to find Trent and Airship [34:35]

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