Increasing Brand Awareness through Strategic Marketing Communications with Lori Sussle Bonanni

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Increasing Brand Awareness through Strategic Marketing Communications with Lori Sussle Bonanni
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Today on Pass the Secret Sauce we have Lori Sussle Bonanni who is the founder of elssus, LLC, a multi-disciplined communication consulting firm. Lori builds and grows companies’ reputations thereby increasing awareness, business results and credibility. Think of her as a nontraditional publicist for companies as early as startups and as established as Global 500s.

Lori earned a Bachelor of Arts in Communications with a Specialization in Advertising and Public Relations from Rowan University. She also earned several continuing education certificates for Advertising Copywriting from the School of Visual Arts. Lori is currently pursuing a Certificate in Women’s Entrepreneurship from Cornell University.

If you’re struggling with your branding, if you’re struggling with trying to position your company a certain way, this is an episode that you certainly don’t want to miss.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Fun facts about Lorie’s dinner table  [3:25]
  • Being an avid traveler and how it guides her entrepreneurial ways  [7:22]
  • Her pitch of building and growing companies reputation in a  non-traditional publicist way [8:10]
  • Types of advisory services she offers with her clients  [10:21]
  • Reasons she started ELSSUS  [12:38]
  • Tell-tale signs you need help with your business or company [17:38]
  • Mistakes people make when they want to brand or advertise their business  [20:05]
  • Press releases, other strategies she uses to brand a company or business   [24:05]
  • How to reach out to Lori and know more of her services  [27:50]

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