What’s Up and Coming in the Fashion Industry with Katie Irving

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What’s Up and Coming in the Fashion Industry with Katie Irving
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Up next on Pass the Secret Sauce, we have Katie Irving who is the founder of Moonshot, an agency that drives growth for the world’s leading brands by uncovering opportunities at the center of youth culture and fashion. Katie has 15+ years of experience in the fashion industry, she has worked with the largest brands including Abercrombie & Fitch, Hollister, Chloé, and Gilly Hicks, and she has worked with the largest fashion shows in the world.

Now, she’s focusing on bringing all the knowledge and becoming the resource for other brands to help position them for success in the future. Katie cuts through the noise of the elusive youth market to deliver white space opportunities and 8-figure growth strategies.

If you’re a clothing brand or you have a boutique, being able to position yourself today for tomorrow’s shoppers and what things people are interested in, what they are looking for in the coming years, this episode is very valuable.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Selling bookmarks when she was in 3rd grade, keeping side-hustles  [4:56]
  • Her career background, focusing on the fashion industry  [6:40]
  • Changes in the fashion industry  [6:40]
  • Moonshot; expertise in the youth markets [10:03]
  • People and brands she worked with [11:08]
  • Fitting into different kind of markets [12:40]
  • Tips on waste management, the Fashion Revolution [16:30]
  • Circular economy, the idea of designing for zero-waste  [17:35]
  • The gaps and holes in the fashion industry that needs to be addressed  [18:00]
  • EON, a group that created the digital identity of products [20:20]
  • Her advice on the fashion industry today [21:55]
  • The end of a trend, what it looks like for future consumers [26:25]
  • Endeavors and projects of Moonshot [32:45]
  • Get to know more about Katie and Moonshot [34:05]

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