The Four Key Values To Follow in Discerning Opportunities with Phillip Berry

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The Four Key Values To Follow in Discerning Opportunities by Phillip Berry
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Up next on Pass the Secret Sauce, we have the CEO of Northwind Pharmaceuticals, Phillip Berry. Phil is an accomplished business builder, who has built branch offices for national IT consulting firms, acquired, renovated, and sold a 170,000 sq ft GM factory, built his own sales consulting practice, led business development for three startups, and facilitated more than a dozen acquisitions — including operations rolled into Northwind Pharmaceuticals – the only pharmacy solution in the country that blends worksite clinic dispensing, home delivery pharmacy, and pharmacy benefits management.

Phil is also an author who has written hundreds of posts on leadership, healthcare, sales/business development, problem-solving, career development, communication, and self-improvement topics. His first book, Stones Across the River, is a collection of essays on personal growth, problem-solving and leadership, which was published in 2016. His second book, Every Day is Game Day, was published in November of 2018. 

In this episode we discuss:

  • Philip’s dinner’s table when he was a child  [3:12]
  • Going into business school, landing in sales and marketing jobs  [8:35]
  • His feeling of being not the right fit and finding a pathway to start on his own  [10:30]
  • His notion as an entrepreneur, inventing something  [11:57]
  • Learning about leverage, first business venture  [13:55]
  • The dramatic change of his first business  [15:50]
  • Massive hurdles he had to overcome  [17:38]
  • People who helped him during his challenging times [21:23]
  • Types of client he wants to work with  [24:35]
  • What is the customer experience their system looks like  [26:26]
  • The four key-value sets to follow through in discerning opportunities  [28:30]
  • How he fosters and put his team to support him in missions  [31:55]
  • Best way to get in touch with Philip, learn more about Northwind Pharmaceuticals [34:30]
  • His books: Stones across the River, Every Day is Game Day [35:30]

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