How to Build a Thriving Company Culture with Grant Botma

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Episode 100: How to Build a Thriving Company Culture with Grant Botma
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Up next on Pass the Secret Sauce we have Grant Botma. Grant is the founder of Stewardship in Gilbert, Arizona. Stewardship is a mortgage brokerage, insurance agency, and investment management firm that was named an Inc 5000 Fastest Growing Company in America two years in a row. Grant has one of the top 105 fastest growing finance companies in the country because of his Nationally ranked high producing team. They consistently win awards like “Top 1%, “Top 20”, and many of them are listed in the Scotsman Guide as top originators. Grant is also a best-selling author of the book, “The Problem Isn’t Their Paycheck”. In this book, Grant teaches business owners, leaders, and managers how to attract top talent and build a thriving company culture.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Having a traditional Sunday lunch and movie night with Grant’s big family [4:05]
  • His family owned a mortuary business and dairy farm [6:40]
  • How making a business plan awaken his desire to put up up his own business [7:50]
  • Seeing people were facing financial, insurance issues and more [8:50]
  • What is Stewardship about; mortgage, insurance, planning and financial [10:33]
  • Making online courses on how to create a company culture [12:40]
  • How to uncover the right people for your team [14:50]
  • What it feels like to work with Grant and his company [17:40]
  • How he observe potential team members through their social media [18:37]
  • Doing an emotional intelligence test, a book recommendation for business owners [21:45]
  • The mission statement of Grant in life and business [23:45]
  • How to love and serve customers/people well [25:00]
  • What types of technology he used to run his company [27:40]
  • Grant’s ideal customers that he wants to serve [29:25]
  • Best ways to connect with Grant Botma [32:30]

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