Taking Digital Transformation into the Next Level with Tushar Garg

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Taking Digital Transformation into the Next Level with Tushar Garg
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Today on Pass the Secret Sauce we have Tushar Garg, who is the CEO of Excelicon ━ an outstanding provider of Agile, Cybersecurity, and Advisory services. Excelicon provides the trusted advice that the government depends on to perform its mission in support of their customers, the American people.

In addition to what Exelicon provides to the government, the company provides a nurturing and challenging environment for its workforce where they can learn, grow, be professionally fulfilled, and be proud of what they do and the services that they provide to our nation. The business is also socially conscious and gives back to the community where they live and work.

Excelicon is in business to provide the critical path to life, liberty and happiness to those they served. They provide equal opportunity to all those who strive to do the right thing and are working hard for the chance to prove themselves while also allowing imaginative solutioning resulting in personal and professional enrichment.

In this episode we discuss:

  • What Tushar’s dinner table looked like [3:00]
  • Lessons he learned early on from his parent’s experiences [5:48]
  • Being told to become a CEO and how he pivoted as an entrepreneur innovator [8:40]
  • How many different KPI’s in Tushar’s company [11:48]
  • Allowing their employees to be enriched through 40,000 short courses [12:25]
  • Academic and career overview; how he got into the business [14:58]
  • Working on government’s security and other high profile contracts [16:20]
  • Processing healthcare applications so people can get immediate healthcare help [19:00]
  • How they customize the approach for businesses or clients [20:27]
  • Helping clients in technological aspects of their business [23:15]
  • Most useful technology in Tushar’s opinion [28:15]
  • Best way to reach out to Tushar and learn more about their business [29:50]

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