Franchising a Profitable Property Management with Aaron Marshall

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Franchising a Profitable Property Management with Aaron Marshall
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Coming up on Pass the Secret Sauce, we have Aaron Marshall, CEO and co-founder of Keyrenter – a property management with a business model that is engineered to save work time, effort and money, allowing people more time for the things they enjoy.

Through automation and technology, KeyRenter has developed KeySystems that allow the Keyrenter owner to manage more properties, increase profitability and decrease risk. A Keyrenter franchise can be started for as little as $35,000 from a home office with no startup staffing. They even finance up to 75% of the franchise fee for qualified applicants.

Aaron wrote the book Cash Flow is King: Creating Wealth Through Real Estate. He was diagnosed with cancer, fighting this tough battle can be read on various websites.

In this episode we discuss:

  • How Aaron’s had earned money growing up [4:18]
  • His academic and working overview [7:00]
  • Being rejected of a job but was encouraged to be an entrepreneur [9:00]
  • Aaron’s starting his first own brokerage [12:50]
  • Ways to generate the traffic of his real estate deals [14:23]
  • Taking care of your wellbeing matters [17:50]
  • The stressful situations he was in and how he deals with them [20:40]
  • The background of Keyrenter [23:35]
  • Hiring internal accountants to handle and help with their accounts [25:40]
  • What are the marketing campaigns they are using to attract franchisees [27:00]
  • How to become a franchisee of Keyrenter [28:00]
  • Handling the digital space of their property management [30:00]
  • Best way to connect with Aaron Marshall [32:00]

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