Internal Culture, Core Values, Dream Teams and More with Robert Mason

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Internal Culture, Core Values, Dream Teams and More with Robert Mason
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Joining us today is Bobby Mason, the CEO and President of SPOC Automation, an innovation company making automation technology for the upstream and midstream markets of the oil and gas industry. While Bobby’s expertise on the technical side can’t be matched; his true passion is team building and educating others on the importance of a winning culture and how it contributes to the success of any business regardless of current market conditions.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Bobby’s remarkable dinner time when he was a kid   [3:15]
  • Being raised to work, growing in an entrepreneurial family  [4:34]
  • Why he was not a good student and didn’t enjoy his education   [7:05]
  • Bobby’s initial challenges he ran into with his business  [8:18]
  • What are the types of  problems he usually solved  [10:40]
  • Launching another company, the Spark Grid Inverter Technology  [12:35]
  • How did Bobby manage the digital aspects of their company  [15:15]
  • Bobby’s learnings being in the business  [17:50]
  • Pushing the culture and process into your employees  [19:55]
  • One of the biggest struggles they ever had in their company  [21:00]
  • Identifying the core values of Bobby’s company  [24:05]
  • Finding out in their employees who is living their core values and innovating it  [27:40] 
  • What is the mission of Bobby’s company  [30:32]
  • Technology that holds their employees and company to work efficiently  [32:05]
  • Spark dream teams, involving everyone in their company  [33:30]
  • Using Vidyard, creating a program called 2-minutes drive  [35:20]
  • How did the core values improve him personally and his company  [38:00]
  • Ways to learn more about Bobby and his company  [41:05]

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