How AIM Framework is Useful for People and Business with Michael Roderick

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How AIM Framework is Useful for People and Business with Michael Roderick
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Up next on Pass The Secret Sauce, we have Michael Roderick, CEO of Small Ponds Enterprises. He is a social catalyst who believes in the power of making meaningful connections for others. Michael has been a high school English Teacher, a Broadway Producer, and a Director of Business Development.

Small Pond Enterprises seeks to support connectors, innovators, and entrepreneurs with a range of personalized educational services provided by expert consultants who develop an individualized process for creating quality work that is supported by a customized, viable business model.

Additionally, by connecting entrepreneurs with resources, people, and advisers, we bring disparate communities together and help them to establish mutually beneficial relationships.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Introduction to the episode  [2:14]
  • How did Michael get his entrepreneurial tendency  [4:35]
  • Michael’s academic overview and his teaching job  [5:50]
  • When did he start his first business  [9:00]
  • What prompted him to start Smart Pond  [11:05]
  • The AIM  (Accessibility, Influence, Memory) framework  [15:40]
  • Results people get from Michael’s framework  [20:25]
  • Pass the Secret Sauce podcast and Michael’s framework  [22:30]
  • Patterns are the precursor to framework [29:07]
  • Industries that suited Michael’s framework [30:55]
  • Best ways to connect with Michael and learn more about his projects [31:55]
  • The setting of Michael’s workshops  [34:30]

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