Attract Clients and Grow Your Business using Written Words with Aurora Winter

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Attract Clients and Grow Your Business using Written Words with Aurora Winters
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Today’s guest is Aurora Winter, MBA. She is a bestselling author, TV-producer, media coach, ghostwriter, and successful serial entrepreneur. Aurora uses her film-making expertise and neuroscience to help people communicate and get results, whether it’s raising 7 figures for a startup, negotiating for a raise, or enrolling a new client.

If you have ever wanted to write a book, become an in-demand speaker, or communicate more effectively, you will definitely want to stay tuned.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Introduction to the episode  [2:29]
  • Aurora’s interesting facts when she was a child  [4:03]
  • Her first exposure in entrepreneurship  [6:30]
  • Working in the film business, her own film and TV  production company  [7:52]
  • Starting writing books, screenplays  [9:45]
  • Useful tips on how to write a book  [10:50]
  • Identifying if the screenplay is written well or not  [14:45]
  • Recommended resources to start your writing journey  [16:40]
  • Attracting ideal clients for your business using books  [18:45]
  • Techniques on how to monetize your books  [21:10]
  • Books are legacy assets and life assets [23:50]
  • Ways on how to market your book [24:30]
  • Importance of books in our life  [28:05]
  • Best way to get in touch with Aurora [31:30]

Quotable Quotes

  • Before you face that empty blank intimidating page, consider well ‘what am I doing here, and why am I doing it and what really matters.’
  • Any kind of framework that is proven to work, is not constricting you. It is liberating you. 
  • Your story matters, your life experiences matter, your business expertise matters and you may be the answer to somebody’s prayers.

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