Speed Matters in Brand Development with Francisco Serrano

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Speed Matters in Brand Development with Francisco Serrano

Today on Pass the Secret Sauce, we invited brand development leader, Francisco Serrano who is currently Chief Speed Officer at 121, a graphic design and content studio powerhouse with offices in USA, EU and Mexico. Under his leadership 121 has created a disruptive branding model based on SPEED becoming the go-to day-to-day branding partner for many Fortune 500 companies. As a team believer and entrepreneur Francisco has built other companies evangelizing his passion for branding through collaboration with talent all over the world.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Introduction to the episode  [1:23]
  • What was Francisco’s dinner table looked like   [3:01]
  • When did he start his own company  [5:15]
  • Francisco’s strategies to bring customers to his company  [7:05]
  • What is 121 and types of projects they work on [8:05]
  • Big companies buying a small business in the branding niche [12:55]
  • How long they work on their projects  [15:20]
  • Business should be obsessed to make the customer happy  [17:50]
  • How Francisco integrate technology with their business  [18:30]
  • Opening their 121 EU office in Amsterdam  [20:30]
  • The most impossible task they achieved  [21:32]
  • What is the creative process of 121 [22:43]
  • Ideal companies for 121  [24:00]
  • Ways to connect with 121 and Francisco [25:00]

Quotable Quotes

  • Focused on your customer. Be obsessed with making them happy. If you’re going towards the consumer, make sure you are providing what they are looking for.

Links to sources and tools

  • Connect with Francisco on LinkedIn
  • Visit 121 to learn more of their services

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