Fighting Boredom Is The Start Of Success Of An Entrepreneur ━ with Sebastien Breteau

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Episode 109 - “Fighting Boredom Is The Start Of Success Of An Entrepreneur” ━ Sebastien Breteau

Joining us today is Sebastien Breteau ━ the CEO of QIMA, a leading provider of quality control and supplier compliance solutions. Sebastien Breteau is also an active investor, who has invested in over 50 start-ups across all continents; an avocado farmer; and the founder of the Breteau Foundation, which aims to promote education in developing countries by providing digital education tools to underprivileged children worldwide. 

In this episode we discuss:

  • Introduction to episode  [1:16]
  • Sebastien’s first job and getting fired after four days  [4:40]
  • Starting his own business, buying and selling of Tamaguchi  [8:40]
  • Getting help from a guy in Hong Kong, stepping stone of Sebastien’s success [10:00]
  • The quality inspection process of QIMA  [13:45]
  • Checking or measuring the quality inspection of their products  [17:45]
  • Organic farming business, locally producing avocados in Europe  [20:25]
  • Focus and boredom, why people need to deal with these two things [23:00]
  • Fighting boredom is the start of the success of an entrepreneur  [26:55]
  • Instilling the mindset of an entrepreneur to his children [28:45]
  • Investing in  business seeds in the US, Europe, Asia [30:20]
  • Focusing on Food/Food Tech, and Agri-Tech industry [32:00]
  • Spending time in Asia, business relationship with Asian people  [33:25]
  • Breteau Foundation, helping children’s education [35:35]
  • Teaching single plastic approach to children [38:00]
  •  Best way to get in touch with Sebastien Breteau [41:45]

Quotable Quotes

  • You don’t succeed because you are smarter or you work harder. You succeed because the people want to help you. 
  • You need to identify what you know how to do well, then do it very well and grow at that.
  • Don’t feel guilty when you feel bored. It’s natural and normal. You have to acknowledge and deal with it.

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