Giving Back To Community, Working With A Right Culture Mentality with Mike Foran

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Episode 110: Giving Back To Community, Working With A Right Culture Mentality with Mike Foran

Today’s guest on Pass the Secret Sauce is Mike Foran, President and Co-founder of Energy 1. Energy 1 takes a smart, comprehensive approach to renewable energy solutions. They specialize in cost-effective turn-key, design-build services that employ the latest clean energy technologies and high-efficiency building systems. Energy 1 employs an outstanding team of experienced engineers, project managers, and specialty service providers, allowing them to ensure seamless delivery of the right clean energy system for each project, from initial concept to design and engineering to expert certified installation.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Introduction to episode  [2:25]
  • How Mike got into entrepreneurialism  [5:48]
  • Founding the Energy 1, branching out to engineering and llc [7:05]
  • Getting skilled individuals and training newbies [12:30]
  • The 3-steps interview process and applying it to their company [15:40]
  • Contributing back to the community, their company culture  [17:30]
  • The overview of their engineering team and what they do  [20:40]
  • Implementation of technology to their company  [23:35]
  • Things they did to make their company grow in success  [24:28]
  • What’s next for Mike and Energy 1  [30:05]
  • Open book policy, selling company stocks to their employees [31:50]
  • Ideal clients for Energy  1 [34:10]
  • Best ways to get in touch with Mike  [ 36:55]

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