Cloud ERP Experts That Strive For Excellence with Stephanie Picardi

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Cloud ERP Experts That Strive For Excellence with Stephanie Picardi

Coming up on Pass the Secret Sauce, we have Stephanie Picardi, a sought-after CEO of VFP Consulting. Stephanie has a 15-year history in management consulting working with global Fortune 500 companies. She has deep and well-recognized expertise in the quote-to-cash, professional services automation, and financials space.

Focused on partnerships and long-term line of business growth at VFP, her passion for great consulting and business processes is driving incredible growth for the company as well as success for VFP customers.

Stephanie has directly led complex consulting engagements in professional services automation around the world, in a variety of corporate environments and industries. She’s regularly engaged by both VFP consultants and customers for her sage strategic guidance around both processes and solutions.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Introduction to episode  [2:32]
  • Stephanie’s family background and dinner table   [4:35]
  • Her academic background  [7:35]
  • How did she start her own company  [9:40]
  • Typical problems they solved for clients  [13:33]
  • Explaining the implementation of their process to clients [15:55]
  • Pitfalls of a company when doing digital transformation  [18:20]
  • Dealing with clients that has previous processes [21:55]
  • Type of company they want to improve process  [25:05]
  • Approach in building her own company and its culture  [28:57]
  • Best ways to reach and learn more about Stephanie and her company [35:20]

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