Recalibrating Business Transactions Using Digital Technology With Peter Lehrman

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Recalibrating Business Transactions Using Digital Technology With Peter Lehrman

Today’s guest is Peter Lehrman, CEO and founder of Axial, an online platform that enables private companies and their trusted advisors to confidentially raise capital, identify and pursue acquisitions, and exit their businesses more. Prior to founding Axial, Peter worked at the investment firm SFW Capital Partners ( and GLG (, where he helped build the company’s global technology platform for on-demand business expertise. He graduated from the University of Virginia and received an MBA from Stanford Business School.

Peter and his family live in New York. When he isn’t working, he’s spending time with his wife Eve and their four children.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Introduction to episode  [2:12]
  • Peter and his dad talking about investing in stocks  [4:35]
  • His interest in business early on in his life  [9:15]
  • Peter’s first exposure to entrepreneurship  [11:10]
  • His advice on stock and bonds investors   [13:10]
  • Axial and its services [16:35]
  • Industries they are focusing to serve  [22:45]
  • Qualifying investors in Axial’s platform  [25:30]
  • Business lessons he learned during the pandemic  [27:40]
  • Using technology and digital tools to recalibrate and do business deals [30:05]
  • Virtualizing business transactions and procedures [35:00]
  • How to use Axial’s platform and ways to connect with Peter  [41:15]

Links to sources and tools

  • Connect with Peter on LinkedIn
  • If you need advice on Merger and Acquisitions, visit Axial

Quotable Quotes

  • Money today is worth more than money in 10 or 20 years from now
  • Don’t aspire to return to the way things used to be. But instead, move forward into the future and embrace all the things that we learned — about how we work well and how to take advantage of digital tools and technology.

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