Mentoring Startups, Getting Into Less-Competition Niche Or Market with Jim Kalb

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Mentoring Startups, Getting Into Less-Competition Niche Or Market with Jim Kalb

Joining us today on Pass The Secret Sauce, Jim Kalb, the president and founder at Triad Components Group – the parent company of OptiFuse, Switch Components and Vortex Technologies.

Triad Components Group (OptiFuse) has been listed on the Inc. 5000 for the last 6 years as well as being named as one of Forbes magazine’s “25 Best Small Companies” in 2017. In 2019, TCG became an Employee-Owned company (ESOP).

Jim has a passion for helping others to grow themselves and their businesses through mentoring, professional development, and the never-ending curiosity to make people, products, and systems better. 

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Introduction to the episode  [2:06]
  • Jim’s intriguing childhood background  [3:10]
  • Going to San Diego State to study, getting away from his town and family  [8:05]
  • Working a cool job in an international firm, traveling to different countries  [9:45]
  • How Jim started his first company [13:45]
  • Getting into huge debt; $ 4M down to $ 50K worth of stuff in 2000 [15:25]
  • How many times he crashed, when did he solidified things [16:50]
  • Jim shares the three types of farming analogy and the hunting analogy [17:35]
  • Mentoring entrepreneurs, his advice to people wanting to get into business  [20:35]
  • Doing custom-stuffs that other companies will never do for their customers [25:50]
  • Training people to look for opportunities to be authorized distributors [30:55]
  • Things he overcame overtime of being in the business [35:05]
  • Opening a program of selling his company to his employees [38:55]
  • What are the future endeavors of Triad Components Group and Jim [43:15]
  • [Job Announcement] How to become part of the Triad Components Group  [44:05]
  • Categories of people they want to engage with  [49:10]

Links to sources and tools

  • Connect with Jim Kalb on LinkedIn
  • If you want to become a part of the TCG or want to get mentorship, inquire at:
  • Visit the TCG website and check their services

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