The Demand in Customized Modular Homes with Joel Comino

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The Demand in Customized Modular Homes with Joel Comino

Joel Comino is the CEO / Founder of Next Modular. Next Modular provides an affordable, full turn-key solution for the residential customer who wants to build a new home in Northern Indiana & Southern Michigan. They provide fair, transparent pricing and responsive and available customer service, as well as a shorter build time than you will experience with a traditional stick-builder.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Joel’s catalyst or inspiration in entrepreneurship   [5:55]
  • Common pitfalls in acquiring mobile home parks  [8:10]
  • His transition into modular homes construction   [10:50]
  • The path on building a modular construction company   [13:17]
  • Modular homes development in the market today  [18:00]
  • Method of constructing and developing modular homes   [21:21]
  • Supply chain, wood pricing, issues and challenges in the business   [26:50]
  • The demand in building customized modular homes  [30:25]
  • Learn more about Next Modular Homes and its products   [35:10]

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