Creating Different Streams of Revenue Amidst Pandemic with Michael Cohen

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Episode 120: Creating Different Streams of Revenue Amidst Pandemic with Michael Cohen

Michael Scott Cohen is the co-founder of Harper and Scott Inc. who specializes in designs and produces branded merchandise and promotional items. Michael with his friend, Jon Alagem founded Harper and Scott to be a more creative, flexible, and responsive player in the crowded business of merchandising. Harper and Scott oversee products from design to delivery, including having a 12-person production operation in China that assures quality and quick turnaround. Harper and Scott was listed in INC 5000 for three consecutive years.

In this episode we discuss:

  • His candy and snow cones selling stint when he was young  [4:30]
  • Working as a CFO at 21; 2008’s financial crisis  [7:33]
  • Losing money, getting into debt, and getting a loan from his grandma  [9:30]
  • Harper and Scott’s background  [14:30]
  • Created lipstick-shaped USB drive for Sephora; gaining more clients after  [19:00]
  • B-Corp certification, getting recertified after 3 years  [23:50]
  • China trips and finding factories to work with  [29:20]
  • Challenges in their design process; time and client’s budget  [34:10]
  • Enhancing and balancing their workers’ experience in work at home setup  [35:55]
  • Becoming one of the largest suppliers of masks in Fortune 500 companies  [38:50]
  • Creating their own brand, Dare To Roam [41:15]
  • Ideal strategy in growing their client base  [43:40] 
  • How to get in touch with Michael, Harper and Scott  [44:20] 

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