Integrating Digital Transformation, Top Notch SAP Expertise with Warren Norris

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Integrating Digital Transformation, Top Notch SAP Expertise with Warren Norris

Warren Norris is the Managing Partner of Titan Consulting. Titan Consulting helps people that are running the SAP platform to integrate new functionality into their systems. Founded by former SAP executives, Titan is staffed and managed by a team that averages over 20 years of SAP experience. 

In this episode we discuss:

  • How Warren got exposed to entrepreneurialism   [04:55]
  • Warren’s career overview; company ownership, real estate [7:45]
  • Joining Titan, how they work with clients   [11:00]
  • How they identify new opportunities and new clients to work with  [13:20]
  • Impacts of covid to their company and their clients  [15:25]
  • What projects are not compatible for SAP and Mendix  [17:17]
  • How long is the timeline of their projects  [19:25]
  • The future system and the legacy system   [24:30]
  • Overcoming the roadblocks inside the company  [29:55]
  • Productivity of consultants working remotely  [34:00]

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